Swimming Pool Fatima Enterprise January 15th, 2018

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Since 2001, FATIMA ENTERPRISE a name synonymous with global standards, new generation workspaces and lifestyles. The Group has a distinction of developing Excellent Swimming Pool Projects and Japanese Technology Swimming Pool Waterproofing and Glass Moosic Tile (Bissasa Tile) Fixing parks that are at par with the best in the world.

FATIMA ENTERPRISE has pioneered the ‘walk-to-work’ concept in the City, where well-planned Swimming Pool Developments are integrated with modern business and Hotel Interested. Fatima Enterprise contemporary workplaces are equipped with modern facilities that synchronize functional efficiencies with aesthetic appeal and have been identified as preferred destinations by MNC’s and Indian corporate, including many Fortune 100 companies.

Today, IT SEZs in India under the guidelines of SEZ Act are offering huge tax incentives for the cost competitive IT/ITES industry. Fatima Enterprise is aggressively pursuing the Development of IT SEZs across India and has already attained notification for many IT SEZ out of its current portfolio of over many IT SEZ

The Most Iimporiant

Entirely interchangeable with other pumps in the range.

Pump with dual-speed motor including a filtration flow-rate and a counter-current swimming flow-rate (2 in 1).Motor entirely cased in resin (protection against humidity).Pump manufactured using stable materials / Compatible with salt treatment and seawater.Integrated into filtration.The Technical

IPX5 single-phase motor, F class, S1 continuous functioningIncorporated thermal protectionStainless steel drive shaftPower 0.3 / 1.6kw2RS water-tight bearings. 100% stainless steel nuts and boltsTips Of Use Pool filling:Whenever you fill the pool (1st time or after winterisation), don’t forget to remove the gasket (rotate the turbine) and prime the pump by filling the pump body with water when you install it.Maintenance No specific maintenance is required during use. Once every 3 years you should carry out a check to ensure the pump is running satisfactorily, and if necessary have your installer change the wear parts.