Structural Repairs Fatima Enterprise January 15th, 2018

Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs

Complete Structural Retrofitting Solutions From India’s Largest Specialty Retrofitting Company

Fatima Enterprise is well known for its competence to assist project teams in the development of unique and comprehensive solutions for every practical problem.

Engineering Support & System Expertise

Fatima Enterprise is a leader in designing of retrofit systems. We offer a unique blend of conventional materials and specialty reinforcement systems. We provide engineers with a team of technical support staff to perform preliminary evaluations and load testing. Once the desired load requirements have been determined, we offer access to reinforcing systems and the latest advancements in composite technology to help evaluate multiple strengthening options in order to produce the most cost-effective solution.

Unmatched Experience

Fatima Enterprise brings up the knowledge and experience of more than 50 Successful repairs & strengthening projects. We also comprehensively take care of safety, economics, access and aesthetics. Upon selection of the strengthening method, we extensively preplan all aspects of the repair strategy. We mobilize our crew which is trained in specialized techniques and can work around the clock to safely complete projects under the tightest schedules and the toughest working conditions.

Repair & Maintenance Services

Concrete & Structural RepairProtective Coatings & LiningsCatholic ProtectionStructural Support & ShoringService WorkMaintenance ContractsTurnaround & Shutdown ContractsStrengthening & Upgrade

Design-Build Repair Services:

Forensic InvestigationRepair DesignProject PlanningProject ManagementContracting Services

Corrosion Repairs

Corrosion is a naturally occurring process that can lead to unsafe conditions, extensive repairs and ultimately structural collapse. By taking a proactive approach, corrosion can be mitigated prior to the onset of significant damage. Addressing the issue early in the life of the structure ensures the ability to efficiently plan or eliminate the need for costly repairs. Shield a part of Fatima Enterprise provides solution to these needs

Your problem

Most of the RCC structures display signs of corrosion distress within 20 – 25 years of their service lifeThis is caused by rusting of steel due to uncontrollable environmental factors.You wish to maintain your home, office and industrial structure. But slabs, columns, beams are in distress condition

Our Solution – Shield

Shield is the one stop solution for all your corrosion repairs needs.We accurately analyze the present structural condition, recommend & execute customized repair solutions.The solutions are led by cutting edge technology, highly skilled & experienced staff and professional management.

Why Shieid ?

Shield offers professional services including small structural repairsShield offers guaranteed solutions on basis of your requirementsShield operates within properly defined time-lines & ensures timely delivery of projectShield is driven by cutting edge technology, proven expertise & professional approacht

Improving Performance Of Concrete

Concrete is a very critical construction component. Thus, it is important to ensure quality of concrete to its expected performance levels. Sometimes because of many uncontrollable parameters concrete does not live up to its design performance. We provide specialized solutions for this problem, thus avoiding laborious & time consuming work of dismantling and recasting of deficient concrete section.


Injection of very low viscosity Monomer Resins: Very low viscosity monomer grouted under pressure, improves the micro structure of concrete. Fill the micro cracks and voids in concrete, making it homogeneous and resilien . This can be tested by conducting pre and post NDT tests on concrete.Wrapping concrete element by Fiber reinforced composites: External confinement by high strength carbon or glass fiber wrap improves over all performance of concrete like strength, stiffness and ductility. Depending on requirements; we can select different fiber materials, numbers of overlays and its orientation.Micro Jacketing by Near Surface Reinforcement: By providing near surface reinforcement in concrete in form of steel or FRP rods, overall mechanical performance of RCC element can be improved without compromising on size of RCC element in case of deficiencies.Grouting of bipolar corrosion inhibitor: Grouting of bipolar penetrating type corrosion inhibitor helps in reducing corrosion current for RCC structure. This can be carried out without exposing steel reinforcement inside the concrete. Because of its penetrating characteristics, it penetrates through concrete and protects steel reinforcement inside it.


Certain areas in modern commercial premises like Banks, IT parks, offices etc have to accommodate additional load of data center, UPS and Battery rooms. RCC floors and RCC flat slabs of commercial floors are normally not designed for such additional load. Thus, strengthening of these floors becomes very critical for structural safety and stability point of view. FATIMA ENTERPRISE offers a wide range of solutions to strengthen data centre floor without compromising on aesthetics of interiors.

Solution & System

Externally bonded FRP composites can be effectively used to take care of additional load. Post-tensioned carbon fiber laminates provides active reinforcement for additional impose loads. Structural steel fabrication can be used to shorten the span.

Testing and Validation

FATIMA ENTERPRISE has developed ‘Quick Load Test’ to insure that strengthened floor is capable of carrying additional load on it. Test is carried out before handing over floor to the client

Seismic Retrofitting

As per Seismic map of India, more than half of the country’s population lives in moderate to very severe regions, where high-magnitude earthquake can occur. The buildings designed as per seismic design requirements survive earthquake with lesser structural damages and lesser causalities. Buildings of high importance and public gatherings such as schools, colleges, hospitals, telephone services, railways, airports, bridges, administrative office, power plants shopping malls etc. have to be designed as per seismic design requirement. Most of the old structures are either not designed for seismic forces or are designed as per old codes. It is essential to upgrade these structures to improve its performance in seismic activity. Fatima Enterprise helps you in designing optimal retrofit strategy for your structure by using various state of the art analysis techniques such as push over analysis of structures and executing on site job in designed and planned manner.


WrappingPlate bondingNear surface ReinforcementPrestressingMasonry stitching


No corrosionHigher ultimate strengthLight weightNo increase in C/S areaFlexible- take complex shapesSpeedy applicationTailor made solutions

Material Forms

Carbon, glass and aramid FiberUnidirectional wrapsBidirectional wrapsAngle lay-ups ± 45° sheetsProcured fiber platesPartially cured fiber platesFiber anchorsTailor made profilesMasonry stitchingStand alone Composites.